Hapi snacks for Happy Times

“A festive treat – Hapi snacks for Happy Times” Hapi brand HOT WASABI PEAS are the greatest, spicest, most delicious wasabi coated green peas!  They are completey addictive so watch out! P.A.T. Central Korean Market on Bloor has the best selection of asian snacks…

Urban Herbivore

We discovered a new food delight in the neighbourhood and this always makes me happy. Urban Herbivore, the brainchild of Stephen Gardner (Fressen on Queen Street),  offers up some inventive and ascetically pleasing vegan cuisine including a delicious (though a bit oily) tofu, red onion and pineapple focaccia pizza.  A take-out fridge showcased some to-die-for looking humus, pesto and veggie soups with … Continue reading Urban Herbivore